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The Kingsway community website and blog (Established in August 2007), for residents of Kingsway Gloucester and our neighbours in Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Haresfield, Waterwells, Hunts Grove, Copeland Park, Lower Tuffley, Hempsted, and Gloucester, Gloucestershire (Glos’).

If you live, work, trade, or play in -or around Kingsway, Gloucestershire, please feel free to join us, introduce yourself and join in the conversation(s).

If you run a local community group, local club or organisation and you would like to publicise it, floor sanding london announce meetings and/or communicate with members and the public, just submit a post telling us all about it. If it’s popular and busy/regular, I can create a “category” (to link all your posts together).

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Please click the menu button (above/left) and take a look at all of the facilities and information available on this website. (Check out the sub-menus too, there’s all sorts of info’ filed away in here)!

Incinerator Watch

For more information on PlumePlotter, see HERE.

Incinerator Latest:

22/08/’17: “Four protesters arrested for obstructing highway outside Javelin Park incinerator site in Haresfield” (Stroud News).

Anti Incinerator Campaign:

Glosvain: HERE     (…on facebook).

PlumePlotter (Gloucester): HERE.

Website History

August 2007. Kingsway and Facebook (UK) were in their infancy, and I wanted to get to know my new neighbours without tramping across the mud-strewn building site and trying to find occupied houses!

With no local facilities at all, and a bunch of new world “pub’s” (restaurants with bars) in neighbouring Quedgeley, I was concerned that local people had nowhere to meet and no way to communicate, so I created this blog. Read our first post: (HERE).

As the community grew, the website became very busy, with many people wanting to get to know their neighbours, and many looking for answers to questions about the development work going on in this (brand-new) ‘urban village’. So I contacted the Developers and started to get answers to those questions. Gradually a relationship with the Development company (QUVL) was formed, allowing us (the residents) to find answers to questions, get help with problems, and (eventually) to change the course of some aspects of the development, to better suit our wishes.

Kingsway Villagers is the home (and birthplace) of the Kingsway Residents’ Association.

Past (and present) posters include several local MP’s, County, City and Parish Councillors, the head of Kingsway Primary School, the QUVL Project Manager, and many other local business people and residents, and we have built up a very large number of regular readers and contributors.

I’ve been interviewed on BBC TV News (HERE) about the website, the KRA and Kingsway, (singled out for ‘bucking the trend’ of breakdown in communities in the UK), and also by BBC Radio Gloucester (on a number of occasions) regarding Kingsway, and as a ‘featured local blog’. I have also been lucky enough to have had a number of posts published in various local newspapers and magazines, as well as several articles having been published about the blog.

If you enjoy the site and you have a website, please add a link to us (see HERE).

Warm Regards,

Website Updates

Launched in April 2015, this (long-overdue) new version includes many additional features and facilities. The new menu and layout (of the entire site) have been designed to display perfectly on all devices, from mobile ‘phones to desktop PC’s.

Site Menu

The new (mobile-friendly) site menu is available from a single button (top-left), and provides links to register, login/logout and edit your account, as well as full site navigation. (To help PC users, blog-specific links are also displayed in the sidebar on blog pages).

New Home Page

Includes a “Blog Section” on the right, with a blog link, 6 most recent blog posts (linked), last 20 comments (linked), top 10 Commentators & Authors: Hover over the images for information and click to visit the Author’s Archives (More on these below).

Kingsway Blog

The new Blog Home Page is linked from the upper-right sidebar (‘Kingsway Community Blog’) and on the site menu: (‘Kingsway Blog’).

The main index and categories now display ‘snippets’ (title and limited info’), so you can view many more posts per page. (The post titles link to the full articles & comments).

Blog Comments Are now in reverse order (upside-down), with the latest comments on top, (making it easier to view recent posts, particularly for long discussions).

Adding Posts

Posts are now submitted from the website front-end, using the “Submit-A-Post” link from the main menu. This has removed the ‘draft’ function, but the advantages are obvious, and you should now find posting to the blog a much easier process.

Author Archives

Linked from the ‘avatars’ in the “Top 10 Authors” widget, all post authors (past, present and future), will have an Author Archive displaying their user info’, and Social Media links, as well as all of their posts.
Links to Author Archives are also displayed on every post, so even if you haven’t made our top 10 list, yours is still accessible via the link at the bottom of your posts.

User Profiles

User Profiles now include a short bio’, an avatar/image upload, and social media links, all of which are displayed on your ‘author archive’ pages. Social media links are also shown on all of your comments.

Please complete your profile: (HERE or Menu/Edit Account’).

Not a member? You’ll find the registration link in the menu, so please join us and join in.

Video Gallery

We’ve added a gallery of Kingsway Videos (HERE).

Coming Up

We wanted to upgrade our smileys/emoticons library (and functionality), but right now WordPress is in the throes of adding Twitters (recently open-sourced) (apple) Emojis library. We’re waiting for that and will add it asap.


If you have any issues with the website, problems, errors, complaints etc, please post them HERE (NOT in general comments/threads please), or contact me (same link) directly.

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